Fjord Zero

Ship designed to deliver 50MW of electric power from the onboard battery storage system

Fjord Zero delivers energy from a large battery system installed onboard

A normal charge or discharge operation is about 60 minutes with up to 50MW power. The vessel can deliver energy amounts sufficient for large vessels to reach remote locations on electric power and enables large cruise ships to stay emission free in ports without connecting to the onshore electrical grid. 

Fjord Zero can deliver electric energy at sea, in ports or in fjords
The e-bunker ship –

Extends the range for electric ships operating on battery power and enables ships to operate on long routes emission free

Provides electric power to ships where shore power is not available or not sufficient

Ships can charge clean power at any location to operate emission free in and out of ports

Vessel owners can meet the EU target of emission free operations in ports and reduces the need for ports to invest in complex onshore infrastructure

Allows quick high-power charging for electric and hybrid vessels and can complement the onshore grid as power boost where the onshore power is not sufficient

Fjord Zero can act as a backup resource and provide power to onshore or offshore locations in emergency or crisis situations  

The e-bunker ship can also supply electric power to vessels without an onboard battery storage system installed and enable them to operate emission free