The solution

E-bunker vessel designed to supply electric energy to consumers at sea or in ports

Accelerates the electrification of shipping

SeaFjord Energy´s e-bunker ship removes the need of a physical electrical connection between the energy producer and the consumer. The solution allows charging of green electricity from anywhere at times when available and deliver to the customer demands. Charging and delivery of electrical energy can take place at sea, in fjords or in ports.

Cost effective and environmental friendly  energy can be delivered to the consumer by  charging a the right time and right location.  

Our solution – a key to the future

SeaFjord Energy enables the supply of electric energy offshore and at most anchor areas or different berths around the world.

The energy storage can be connected and supply power where needed, to vessels or consumers in emergency or in crisis i.e. to  islands and hospitals.

The ship can deliver energy at the same time as a receiving vessel is charged with energy from shore for power boosting at times when shore power is insufficient.  In addition, the energy storage system can be used for load balancing variations in onshore power grids, peak shaving and for energy trading.

SeaFjord Energy´s solution reduces the need for ports to invest in complex shore charging infrastructure.